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SGGC, your partner in the planning and development of Shopping Centers

SGGC carries out full service work based on different expertise: market analysis, strategy, brand positioning, consulting, development, acquisition and sale, management, restructuring and repositioning.
SGGC participates actively in the design, construction, delivery and operation of malls, establishing a partnership with companies and investors in this sector. This includes consulting for the prospecting of the building sit, supervision of construction, choice of shopping layout, hiring of service suppliers, detailing the mix of stores, and other services.

A company with an impressive history and a story of success


SGGC begins its activities as a consulting company for investors and potential investors in the sector, mainly pension Funds and investment funds.


Acquisition of Cascavel JL Shopping in Cascavel / PR, constituting a new corporate structure with General Shopping and Construtora JL.


Acquisition of a land sizes 60,000 m² in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro for ParqueShopping Sulacap development.


Acquisition and retrofit of a building commercial, the MF22, in Rio de Janeiro downtown.


Acquisition of Shopping Light in São Paulo / SP and beginning of the Tenant Mix restructuring.


Acquisition of a land sizes 24,000 m² in Guarulhos / SP for the Parque Shopping Maia development.


Acquisition of a land sizes
83,000 m² in Maricá/RJ for Plaza Maricá Shopping development.


Inauguration of the Sulacap Shopping Park.


Sale of its participation in Parque Shopping Maia.


Sale of its participation in Shopping Light.


Launch of the management branch.


Acquisition of Serra Sul Mall.

We believe in our people

That is the main reason for our results.

With the support of a team that always strives for excellence in each project, SGGC is led by highly experienced executives in the Shopping Centers segment. Know each one better.

Sergio Brandão Marins

Sergio graduated in business administration and is a founding partner of SGGC Participações. He has been working in the areas of development, acquisition and management of shopping centers and malls for more than 20 years. During this period, he led the development of several GreenField Malls, as well as mergers and acquisitions of more than R$1 billion. 

His experience in the segment began in 1990 at In Mont Shopping Centers. In 1996, he created SM2 for the administration of smalls business malls. In 2001, he founded SGGC, initially focusing on consulting for the real estate market, participating in the creation of Performance Empreendimentos Imobiliários, one of the leaders in its segment in Rio de Janeiro. 

Throughout his career, Sergio also provided consulting services to leading companies in the industry, such as BRMalls, Aliansce and GSOB. 

Eduardo Rabinovitch

Eduardo graduated in economics and is a founding partner of SGGC. He brought all his expertise to the company as an entrepreneur in the segment of developing new projects and participating in the areas of corporate structuring, market analysis and the legal side of the business. 

His experience in the segment began in 1988 in the financial area of ​​the Atlantic Oil Company. He also worked for 5 years as an open market operator at Banco Ponto 3, currently BVA. In 1999, he founded Construbid, an internet company with focus on consulting services in the area of ​​construction contractors. And then in 2005, he acquired a stake in TBR - Trump Realty Brazil. 

Eduardo also has great international experience. He lived in the United States for four years, where he improved his knowledge in the global market through several pursuits such as the Real Estate Broker License - Fortune Realty in Miami, and the Future Markets - Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Armando de Alencar

Armando graduated in Civil Engineering, with an MBA in Economic and Financial Management by FGV, and he is the Chief Financial Officer of SGGC. In addition, he was Financial, Legal and Administrative Director of Performance Emp. Real estate since its foundation.

In 15 years, he had more than R$2 billion of PSV under its management, participating in the execution of several residential, commercial and hotel developments. He acted in the areas of short and long term cash management, balance sheet analysis, financial planning, taxation, and organizational and corporate governance.
As well, he was partner of a commercial real estate management company for 10 years, specializing in leasing, purchasing and sales. He also worked for construction companies and developers as an engineer, going through all the cycles of a corporation.

Haroldo Junqueira

Haroldo is a Civil Engineer, with an MBA in Finance and Administration from IBMEC. He also attended ICSC at the University of Shopping Centers in Wharton and is responsible for SGGC's Business Management branch.
He has more than 25 years of experience in shopping center companies, primarily in the development and administration of several projects controlled by São Carlos Empreend and Participations, General Shopping and Best Center. For the past six years, he has worked as Superintendent of New Business at Best Center, a leading convenience store company in Brazil.
Haroldo also worked with the expansion of large retail chains such as Champion Supermarkets, KFC, Blockbuster and C & C.

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